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Two topics I found humorous in my younger days, no doubt. As well as a depositing notice. I'm not sure if that is different seeing as I never deposit nowadays, but it does refer to the old level 10, which I remember was the holy grail in terms of levels.

OLD: General Forum and depositing

OLD Newgrounds : The Collection

2009-01-28 12:19:08 by Britkid

Trawling through my old pictures (that sounds nostalgic, but they're mostly just old rubbish for the BBS), I have found several screenshots from a few years ago. I've tended to forget how the site used to look before the redesign, so it was nice to have a shifty. Therefore, I am officially opening my collection of old Newgrounds pictures, because this userpage may as well serve a purpose. I feel that although this website is hardly a thing of history, it does have its own past and it's interesting to see how it has developed to the giant it is today. For the users of the site, it is nice for the older ones to douse themselves in nostalgia, while it is also interesting to see for the newer users. I know I looked at the very first NG BBS a few times when I signed up. Whatever, enjoy.

OLD Newgrounds : The Collection