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OLD: Newgrounds Levels

2009-01-28 12:52:09 by Britkid

Possibly one of the showpieces of the collection, here are all the old levels grouped together on a GIF. Everyone always seemed to talk so much about the levels before the redesign, now I don't think they're discussed as often. Everyone was battling to get to Level 10 because there was the first massive gap between that and Level 9. Also, every time the top user (humantarget and now Pimp) deposited, your target got a little further away from you, so they were popular.

NB. Apologies for the 'rusting' of the gold levels. I'd love to say that that was because of their age, but really it's because it lost its sheen through being converted to a GIF. They're all quite pretty though.

OLD: Newgrounds Levels


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2009-01-28 15:48:36

I do believe I got to around 14/15 before the new level system kicked in. If you had told me back when I joined during the old system that I would reach level 30 I would have never believed it :P

Nice to see you're keeping at least some record of the old newgrounds history.


2009-06-07 19:13:43

Wow we have no mace


2010-09-22 18:15:11

If you ask me, I miss these levels. The new icons are kinda lame and there really isn't much motivation to deposit. Plus, nobody really cares about high level users anymore.