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OLD: Audio Portal and BBS Users

2009-01-29 12:36:41 by Britkid

Two little ones stuck together for compactness - firstly the old Audio Portal icon, with pico. Then there's a small snippet of the NG BBS user list - dig the underscores. I've got a bigger one of them, but that's for later.

OLD: Audio Portal and BBS Users


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2009-01-29 13:18:06

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(Updated ) Britkid responds:

Puts me to shaaaaaame bro, I especially liked the old headers. They look so tinny now, yet beautiful in their own way. The only one I do have is the 2004-2005 header. I think it was for a tutorial I made. I snapped so much shit, but it all serves a purpose now. I've just realised that there's no picture attatched to this page, so I'll remedy that now.


2009-01-29 17:40:48

That Audio Portal thing looks quite nice, it would be quite nice to have something like that in the portal now.


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