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OLD: Portal

2009-02-07 18:57:56 by Britkid

Where it all began. Note how the games are shown with a joystick.

OLD: Portal


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2009-02-08 17:16:48

It looks so.... Old. How many years ago is that now?

Britkid responds:

I would have thought three or maybe four, can't see when I saved it.


2009-02-10 19:07:47

You signed up 8 days after me. Let's be best friends.

Britkid responds:

we oldskool yo


2009-02-10 22:22:27

The new portal doesn't look much better than that to be honest

Britkid responds:

I wouldn't know, I never go there.


2009-02-12 18:34:54

Remember when porn games were a part of regular games? Good times, good times.

Britkid responds:

Hah, I remember playing SimGirl when I was 11. I wasn't interested in the hentai (still not, wtf is with that shit), I just liked playing the game.


2009-02-13 10:48:00

yeah, I miss the old portal.

Britkid responds:

fo realz nig