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A classic of our time

This will surely be regarded as THE flash film of the 21st century. One to be ranked alongside greats such as Tolkien, Lewis, and Tom Fulp (but slightly above all of them).

When's the big screen version?

Sidorio responds:

I think they're in the casting stage currently, since they want great actors from all over the world. I think they want to aim for a tentative 1010 release, in time to win all of the 2011 Oscars.

I love reviews too,

Which is why we should get together and have sex. Oh the flash. Brilliant. I'm sure it will be brilliant. When I watch it. Seriously though, I'm absolutely mouthwatering. Basically, everything was (will be) amazing. I love spy stuff!



No 1. It is NOT a rip-off. Gee, stop thinking about your cartoons and review the flash.

I thought the graphics were decent, the animation smooth and a nice, ironic choice of song. I could definitely emphasise with the sort of man that bloke was, living in a place very much like Brentford. It was also very funny. I think I enjoyed this more though because I could understand it. The only problem is the majority of Newgrounds' community won't. They should though.

alio-big-mac responds:

Thanks, im really glad you liked it, im hoping some people on newgrounds have missed a bus before and feel the irony to :D.

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Holy fuck

I got to 110, but by the end it was so nausea-inducing that I think I subconsciously crashed into one of those blocks.

Great idea. Hopefully no lasting damage.

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Good flash and very entertaining

Your graphics were nice. One thing that could have been improved was the quality of the voices. Maybe getting a better microphone but I'm nit-picking a bit. It's got a very clever plot and overall very entertaining.

Also, in your Jack French #2, I'm stuck re-arranging the paper from the bin. Help?

Nice little game you've got here

I remember playing a game a bit like this once...but I can't remember where from...possibly from the Portal or your site but anyway.

The game was fun and hooked me in. Graphics: obviously low because there was no background...so that might be a tip for improvement from me.

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